Dr. Dew’s TIE Article – Jan 2019 – Change

The TIE – January 2019

Spilman Memorial Baptist Church

Change – by Dr. H. Powell Dew, Jr.

A philosopher once said, “The only thing that stays the same is … change!” Years ago, while attending Tanglewood, my Sunday school teacher (Teresa O’Neal) asked the class, “How many of you like change?”  I was probably the only one in that classroom that raised my hand.  Little did I know what kind of changes God had in mind for me.  The years that have transpired since then have brought about A LOT of changes.  Some of the changes have been good ones … while others were very painful.

It is hard to believe another year is here!  It was just “yesterday” when I was at a New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s house in High School.  It was only “yesterday” when I graduated from UNC – Chapel Hill.  It was just “yesterday” when my daughter was born.  It was only “yesterday” when Sharon and I got married.

Now that I have less hair and what I do have left has turned white, I have also begun to use the phrase, “I remember when…” more often.  “I remember when” my grandmother cooked my favorite dessert.  “I remember when” we went to the mountains every October.  “I remember when” we would go to the old country store every Saturday afternoon and get the largest ice cream cones.

But as with everything, those yesterdays became history and those special times I loved so fondly are now a precious memory.  Most of us do not like to embrace change because it means the loss of something special and meaningful.  It means we will have to adapt to a future or reality we did not plan or sometimes did not want.  This can happen in our lives with changing financial situations as well as health related issues.  Changes can also happen in the life of a church as well.

I consider myself blessed to be a part of Spilman Memorial Baptist Church and to serve as your Interim Pastor starting this month.  There is so much history and pride in what has been accomplished by its members and Pastors over the years.  Members and friends of Spilman have faithfully supported the mission and work of Spilman with their time, talents, and treasures.  The Lord has brought so many good Pastors that have been present during those important events that occurred in church members lives – the good changes and the painful ones.

Mike Cogdill (a former Pastor of Spilman and my professor at Campbell) has often said to his students, “It is worth a life to serve the people of God and be at the cross roads of life with them day in and day out.”  I am glad to be here at Spilman during this crossroad.

We live in a world that is rapidly changing – socially, technologically, medically, morally, ecumenically, and politically.  Spilman is and will experience changes because its members and the community we are placed in is changing.  Our response to these changes should be one grounded in the One that never changes.  We should not take our eyes off our purpose and goal – to Glorify God.  Our response should be based on the timelessness of God’s Word where we find the words of life, forgiveness, and grace.

We may be tempted to ask ourselves, “Where is God?” in a specific situation in life.  However, I have found this to be true in my life, “He was right there beside me, even when I couldn’t see or hear Him. I can attest to this truth: His presence never left me alone.”

Let us enter into 2019 with the assurance that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be with us, guiding us, nurturing us, and molding us into His likeness, until He calls us all home to live with Him eternally.  In a constantly changing world, that is Good News!

As we enter 2019, let us be reminded He is Lord of Creation and He is Lord of our lives.  Let us together, embrace what God has prepared for us in the coming year – the good and the painful. The Lord does work ALL things together for good.

Members of Spilman, I want you to know, I am glad to be with you on the journey the Lord has prepared for Spilman!

In His Service,

Dr. H. Powell Dew, Jr.

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