Rev. Daniel Cromer, Pastor

Pastor Dan and Family
Date of Birth: January 13, 1952
Reared in Kentucky, Daniel Cromer is one of three sons born to a Baptist minister and professor at Southern Seminary for 40 years.

 Georgetown College, Kentucky, BA in Music.
 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Master of Church Music (guitar, voice)
 Baptist Seminary, Kentucky, Master of Divinity

 Pastor, Audubon Baptist Church, Louisville, KY
 Served as Senior Pastor of Emmaus Baptist Church, Poquoson, VA,. He conducted both a contemporary worship and traditional worship service each Sunday. Through various clearly-defined outreach programs, his church is attracting more younger families and youth. The church has remodeled its sanctuary and is embarking on a new million-dollar building project.

Community Life
Pastor Dan, as he prefers to be called, is Police Chaplain with the Kinston Police Department where he regularly rides with the patrolmen and offers counseling for victims of crime and tragedies. Each year, he conducts a church service honoring the local police and first responders. He has guided his church in providing aid and support in hurricane recovery/relief efforts.
Pastor Dan is also an avid golfer, guitarist, and has served as a basketball referee.

Pastor Dan is a relational pastor who truly loves people and believes that an effective pastor must be willing and able to preach, teach, render pastoral care, engage the community, and provide pastoral leadership. He is a strongly committed Baptist in the historical sense, who believes in the autonomy of the local church, the priesthood of all believers, the right of and obligation of all Christians to read and interpret Scripture under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and separation of church and state. He is active in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and supports women in ministry leadership roles. He has a pastor’s heart, is a self-described “workaholic,” and has a vision for the church engaged in intentional ministry.

Wife, Lisa Ullrich Cromer was born in New York City and attended school in Texas. She holds a BA from Eastern Connecticut State University and a Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has served as a children’s minister, youth minister, campus minister, and hospital chaplain. She currently is homeschooling through Classical Conversations, their 8 year-old daughter, Alena.

Daughter, Alena, plays soccer, is learning to play golf, and enjoys swimming and basketball. A joyful young lady, Alena is also a gifted singer and loves people, laughter, and good jokes.

~ Reverend Cromer’s Words ~

“Recognizing that shepherding a congregation is a call to serve as a preacher/teacher, as well as a pastor, I continually strive to improve in each role….My response to the former call includes expository preaching and teaching in a manner that is understandable and applicable to people of diverse ages, backgrounds, experiences, and situations….to follow the commanding words of Christ in Luke 10:27 to love God and love others. Building relationships enables me to ‘be there’ as a caring pastor in difficult times and as a celebrating encourager in times of joy. We have sensed in our hearts God leading us to submit this brief resume which comes with a commitment: to pray for you and that God will clearly reveal his vision for Kinston and Spilman Memorial Baptist Church.”

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