Karensa Marques

Karensa joined us December 5, 2016 and she manages the day to day church administrative business working closely with the Pastor and Financial Assistant.  She makes sure that all accommodations are met for our Spilman parishioners.

The position of the Church Administrative Assistant is a very special ministry and important in a church setting. She is on the front lines of this ministry and is one of the very first person(s) the public sees and talks to. She is a reflection of the church and always keeps this as an honor and reflects as such.

Karensa truly feels that she was “called to Christian service” and is always willing to go “above and beyond” the personal investment in a job that is considered “normal” in the secular world of work. She also assists with the financial aspects and bookkeeping of the church. Karensa takes part in the Leadership Committee in taking minutes when the committee meets on a monthly basis. Not only this, but she prepares the weekly bulletins, and monthly Spilman newsletter THE TIE.

On her off days, she enjoys diving, painting, anything outdoors, and working out.

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